Scenery spots in Itami/伊丹市ホームページ

Scenery spots in Itami

A perfect photo spot where you can watch airplanes' takeoff and landing from a close distance


"Itami Sky Park" which boards on the runway of Osaka International Airport (Itami) is 1.2 kilometers in length and covers an area of 9 hectares.

There is also a chain of hills about 7 meters high, where you can watch the splendid scenery of airplanes' takeoff and landing from a close distance.

The park is famous as a perfect spot for taking photos of airplanes.

Admission is free.

It takes about 10 minutes to 20 minutes to take Itami city bus from Hankyu Itami Station or JR Itami Station.

Address: 7-1-1, Morimoto, Itami City, 664-0842




Osaka International Airport ( Itami Airport ) is an airport via which you can reach anywhere in Japan in 2 hours

"Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport)" Web page

As one of the 3 major airports (Osaka International Airport, Kansai International Airport and Kobe Airport) in Kansai, Osaka International Airport (Itami) is an important one of the few airports where you can reach anywhere from Hokkaido to Okinawa in Japan in 2 hours.

It was constructed in 1939 as the 2nd airport in Osaka and then developed into an international airport. Since Kansai International Airport was put into use in 1994, Osaka International Airport (Itami) has no longer offered services for international airlines, but still served with the crucial function as the linker among the places all over Japan hereafter.

The view deck "La Sora" in the airport is highly rated by the tourists and even awarded the "CERTIFICATE of EXCELLENCE" by the trip review website "TripAdvisor".




Set & Managed by

New Kansai International Airport Company, Ltd.

”New Kansai International Airport Company, Ltd.” Web page


3.17 million square meters


NL 43°47′04″, EL 135°26′21″

Administrative Area

Toyonaka City, Osaka; Ikeda City, Osaka; Itami City, Hyogo


Runway A=1828m×45m

Runway B=3000m×60m

The most convenient mean of transportation to get to Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport) is by the city bus.

It's convenient to take the express bus in front of the JR Itami Sta. (about 20 minutes).

  • Take the bus "Kozu to Osaka International Airport" or "To Osaka International Airport (express bus)" at the No. 5 bus terminal in front of the JR Itami Sta.
  • Take the bus "Kozu to Osaka International Airport" at the No. 6 bus terminal in front of the Hankyu Itami Sta.

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Experiencing "budo" in the time-honored dojo (Training hall of Japanese martial arts) "SYUBUKAN"

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SYUBUKAN is a time-honored dojo which opened in 1786.

SYUBUKAN follows the fundamental spirits of Kendo (Japanese fencing), Naginata (Long-handled sword) and Iaido (Japanese martial art of drawing the sword from its scabbard while remain seated) which are forms of traditional culture inherited from ancient Japan, and values the etiquette of budo - "Start with a bow and end with a bow". It is an ideal training hall for people who want to excel both academically and athletically.

You are also welcomed to experience budo here or visit and watch their practices (advance appointment required).

  • Address: 3-2-11, Nishidai, Itami City, 664-0858
  • Tel & Fax: 072-773-1431

"SYUBUKAN" Web page ( Japanese )

The Birth of SYUBUKAN

Study tour of Kendo, Naginata and Iaido at SYUBUKAN

About "Kendo"

About "Naginata" (Long-handled sword)

About "Iaido"