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Tourist information

The Tourism Products Gallery gives the visitors to Itami a hearty welcome and it is also the starting point of sightseeing tours.


Tourism Products Gallery is a tourist information center inside JR Itami Station. Tourists can get information about the tourist attractions of Itami and buy local products here.

Famous products of Itami and travel information are available here. It is a comprehensive information center which combines the waiting space with a real coffee shop.

  • Location: 1-6-2, Higashiarioka, Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture, 664-0845 (inside JR Itami Station)
  • Tel: 072-770-7060
  • Fax: 072-770-7706




Souvenirs (Products for sale (Only a small part is introduced here.))

Matcha (powdered green tea)

Arioka no Midori


This kind of matcha is made from the tea leaves grown in the tea gardens near Uji. The tea leaves are ground in the tea mortar handed down from ancient times. Based on the tradition and history, the product in a modern style which is more suitable for drinking has been created. You will surely enjoy the original thick flavor and fragrance of tea.

Murashige candy


The Murashige candy contains large amounts of Itami's original matcha "Arioka no Midori". It is a kind of matcha candy with a classy sweetness, which lives up to its name Murashige. Murashige candy is packaged in colorful suzuko cans with lovely designs, which can be an ideal souvenir.

Matcha rice cracker


The matcha rice cracker is made of 100% of matcha and nonglutinous rice produced in Japan, which is flavorful and tasty.

Matcha chocolate balls


5% of domestic matcha is added into the chocolate sauce and then the chocolate sauce is coated on the milk chocolate, creating two-layered chocolate balls. After savoring the taste of matcha, the milk chocolate will melt in your mouth.

Matcha almond chocolate


5% of domestic matcha is added into the chocolate sauce and then the chocolate sauce is coated on the almonds grown in California. This chocolate is crisp and has the rich aromas of matcha.

Sauce and ponzu (Japanese sauce made primarily of soy sauce and citrus juice)

Fresh ponzu


In the factory site of Itami Oimatsu Brewing Company, which is famous for its sake brand "Oimatsu", there is a well. In the past, the water from this well was exclusively used for sake brewing. Now the water from this well is used to produce the fresh ponzu. In order to keep the aroma of the yuzu, the maker adopts the non-heating treatment method, which was developed by the maker independently, to produce this product. So the fresh ponzu has a rich flavor and aroma, which can be applied to hot pot as well as grilled fish, salad, cold tofu and other dishes.

Pork cutlet sauce


The brand was founded in 1956. NANABOSHI SAUCE is the only local sauce maker in Itami dedicated to "Kansai flavor".

It is an innovative enterprise which has excellent technology and continuously improves the level of its production technology! This local enterprise, which is the pride of Itami, conveys confidence to the whole world. The main business of NANABOSHI SAUCE is to offer pork cutlet sauce for domestic use.

Narazuke (Vegetables pickled in sake lees)




Narazuke (Box-packed)

It is Shirayuki narazuke pickled carefully in "Shirayuki" lees. The narazuke is packaged in fancy small boxes, which are perfect as small souvenirs. It is an exclusive local product only available in Itami.

White melon, cucumber, watermelon, Moriguchi radish

Oimatsu narazuke ginger

Fresh and fiber-rich ginger is pickled in sake lees for several times. You will surely enjoy its aroma and sweetness.

The flavor of sake and the pungent taste of ginger match perfectly.

Oimatsu narazuke persimmon

Persimmons grown in Japan are carefully peeled one by one and pickled in sake lees. While flavoring the persimmons, the makers try their best to bring out the flavor and the texture of the raw material.

You will savor the well-balanced sweetness and the addictive texture of the persimmons after pickling as well as the fragrance of the sake lees.

It is said that the persimmons contain vitamin C and vitamin A which can help improve immunity and strengthen the body's defense against disease.

Oimatsu narazuke white melon

The best ones of the carefully chosen white melons grown in Tokushima are pickled in ripened sake lees. Each of the white melons is vacuum-packed.