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The brewing companies in Itami

"The most beautiful mountain is Fuji, the best sake is Shirayuki"

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Konishi Brewing Company has been based in Itami, the birthplace of sake, ever since its establishment here in 1550.

Konishi's flagship brand "Shirayuki" ("white snow") was so named after the second heir to the brewing business was moved by the sight of a snow covered Mt. Fuji whilst en route to Tokyo by sea. Over the years, Konishi Brewing Company has released many sakes inspired by the beauty of Mt. Fuji, as summed up by the company's old advertising slogan: "the most beautiful mountain if Fuji, the best sake is Shirayuki".

Today, "Shirayuki" produced by Konishi Brewing Company is the oldest existing sake brand.

Representative Products

Cho Tokusen Shirayuki Itami Morohaku (Honjozo)


This sake is brewing using the "morohaku" technique developed in Itami in the Edo period. Polished rice is used for both the malted rice and the rice starter to produce this special product only available for sale in the Itami area.

Akafuji (Red Fuji) Cho Tokusen Shirayuki Junmai Ginjo sake


In the symbolism around Mt. Fuji, the sight of "Red Fuji" is especially lucky. The label shows the famous "Gaifu kaisei" (fine wind and clear morning) print from Hokusai's "Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji" series. This sake has the smooth and refreshing taste and good finish typical of junmai Ginjo sake, and is perfect for enjoying on a sunny day.

An introduction to Japanese sake


Choujugura shop: Shirayuki Brewery Village map

Choujugura Shop: Shirayuki Brewery Village

The sake produced by the Konishi Brewing Company is displayed in "Choujugura brewery shop". Besides Japanese wine, there are also various kinds of Belgium beer, craft beer "KONISHI Beer", and "Sera Wine" (domestic product).

  • Address: 3-4-15, Chuo, Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture, 664-0845
  • Tel: 072-773-0524




"Konishi Brewing Company" Web page ( Japanese )

"Gomenshu (the sake admitted by Shogunate) Oimatsu"

"ITAMI OIMATSU BREWING Company" Web page ( Japanese )


In 1697, the 24 largest sake producers in Itami were granted the right to bear a sword by the military government - a privilege usually reserved for samurai. They became official suppliers to the shogunate, and their products were given the title "gomenshu".

Among the "gomenshu" producers, Oimatsu (founded in 1688) enjoyed a particularly high status, being used in votive offerings within the palace and at the dinner table of the Shogun himself.

Representative Products


Itamigo Special honjyozo

This product contains 20% ginjo-shu, and combines the cleanness typical of honjozo-shu with the fragrance and smoothness of ginjo-shu. A very smooth and drinkable sake.


Oimatsu Junmai

This sake has been brewed using only premium sake rice and malted rice, with no extra alcohol. Characteristic rich taste of rice and well roundedness.

Brewed with great attention to quality, this versatile sake can be enjoyed chilled or warmed.




The Itami Oimatsu Brewing Company shop in central Itami stocks all kinds of classic sakes, included limited seasonal products and Japanese fruit liqueurs.

  • Address: 3-1-8, Chuo, Itami City, 664-0851
  • Tel: 072-782-2470




"ITAMI OIMATSU BREWING Company" Web page ( Japanese )