The brewing companies in Itami/伊丹市ホームページ

The brewing companies in Itami

"The most beautiful mountain is Fuji, the best sake is Shirayuki"

"Konishi Brewing Company" Web page


Konishi Brewing Company has been developing steadily since its establishment in 1550 in "Itami, the birthplace of sake".

Starting from its advertising slogan "The most beautiful mountain is Fuji, the best sake is Shirayuki (the literal meaning is white snow, which is a brand of sake)", Konishi Brewing Company has brewed many types of sake with the inspiration of Mount Fuji.

"Shirayuki" produced by Konishi Brewing Company is the oldest sake brand among all the existing brands of sake.

Representative Products

The finest Shirayuki Itami Morohaku (honjyozo) (a kind of brewing method, literally, authentically brewed)


It's a kind of sake brewed with the new brewing technology "using white rice in ingredients" which was created and developed in Edo period. The technology earned its name "using white rice in ingredients" because we use white rice as the malted rice and ingredient when making the distiller's yeast and the sake. It is the finest product which is also a special local product in Itami and its peripheral areas.

Akafuji (Red Fuji) The finest Shirayuki Junmai (sake made without alcohol or sugar added)


"Red Fuji" is a good omen when referring to the scenery views of "Mt. Fuji". The label of the sake is designed with "Gaifu kaisei (fine wind and clear morning) from Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji painted by Hokusai Katsushika". It is a kind of sake you want to drink in a clear day with its smooth taste as well as mellow and refreshing tastes which are the special features of Junmaishu. 

An introduction to Japanese sake


Choujugura shop: Shirayuki Brewery Village map

Choujugura Shop: Shirayuki Brewery Village

The sake produced by the Konishi Brewing Company is displayed in "Choujugura brewery shop". Besides Japanese wine, there are also various kinds of Belgium beer, craft beer "KONISHI Beer", and "Sera Wine" (domestic product).

  • Address: 3-4-15, Chuo, Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture, 664-0845
  • Tel: 072-773-0524




"Konishi Brewing Company" Web page ( Japanese )

"Gomenshu (the sake admitted by Shogunate) Oimatsu"

"ITAMI OIMATSU BREWING Company" Web page ( Japanese )


In 1697, 24 major sake shops in Itami obtained the permission of wearing swords and the sake produced by them is honored as "the sake for official use" for Edo Shogunate, which is called "Gomenshu (the sake admitted by Shogunate)".

"Oimatsu", the brand of ITAMI OIMATSU BREWING Company founded in 1688, is the best brand among the Gomenshu produced by the sake shops. As the tribute sake in the palace and the tribute sake for the Shogun (literally the generals), it is a very famous brand.

Representative Products


Itamigo (sake name) Special honjyozo (a kind of brewing method, literally, authentically brewed)

This sake has both a unique and fresh taste of the honjyozo sake (one type of Japanese sake, similarly hereinafter) and the aroma and mellow taste of the ginjyo sake (containing 20% daiginjyo sake). It tastes nice and fresh.


Junmai sake (sake made without alcohol or sugar added)

It is a kind of sake without alcohol added and only brewed from rice suitable for brewing sake and malted rice. It has the feature of preserving the scent of rice effectively with its soft and mellow taste. The sake, always on the way of pursuing high quality, can be served chilled or heated and tasted great in both ways. 




With the representative of classic Japanese sake, various kinds of liquors are sold in the shop, such as the limited seasonal Japanese sake directly from sake breweries and a variety of fruit liqueurs with the base liquor of Japanese sake. 

  • Address: 3-1-8, Chuo, Itami City, 664-0851
  • Tel: 072-782-2470




"ITAMI OIMATSU BREWING Company" Web page ( Japanese )