Sake and Itami/伊丹市ホームページ

Sake and Itami

Itami, the birth place of sake

Sake is a Japanese rice wine with rice as the raw material.

In the old times, people only knew how to make a type of white and cloudy "unrefined sake". But in the Itami area, people discovered a way to brew clear and colorless Japanese rice wine, now known as "sake".

In the Edo Period of Japan, the "sake" brewed in Itami enjoyed tremendous popularity. Now sake is still contributing to the prosperity in the Itami area.

Please come to Itami to experience the atmosphere of "sake" and "sake breweries", and enjoy the shopping, gourmet and a walk in the city.

Itami, the birthplace of sake







A brief introduction to Itami City


Itami City is located in the southeast of Hyogo Prefecture.

Itami is about 10km away from Osaka city, surrounded by Amagasaki, Nishinomiya, Takarazuka and Kawanishi, these 4 cities in Hyogo Prefecture and bordered by 2 cities in Osaka Prefecture, Toyonaka and Ikeda.

Although Itami City is in the metropolitan area, it has excellent natural environment represented by Koyaike Park. Many migratory birds will fly here every year. It is one of the few habitats for migratory birds in Kansai area.

Moreover, Itami City is also famous for Osaka International Airport (Itami).

Itami City has its own city bus system (It takes 20 minutes to go to the airport by bus.), and you can reach any place in Japan by airplane within 2 hours from the airport.

The land of Itami City is flat overall, with the Inagawa River flowing through its eastern part and the Mukogawa River flowing through its western part.





Longitude 135°24′ E, Latitude 34°47′ N

The size of Itami City

From east to west: 7.0km; From north to south: 6.5km


About 198,000

Height above sea level

The highest point is 45m and the lowest point is 6m.


25.09 square kilometers

The events themed on sake

Shirayuki Kura Matsuri




This winter festival started from 1996 as a kind of reconstruction event for the "Great Hanshin earthquake". The main venue is Choujugura of Konishi Brewing Company. On the 2nd Sunday in February every year, Konishi Brewing Company also holds an event of "visiting sake breweries" of "Fujiyamagura".

The furumaizake (treat of sake), warmed sake, hot beer, hot wine, Belgian beer and craft beer are all sold here. What's more, many stalls which provide a great variety of menus set by the restaurants around Choujugura are also available for tourists to enjoy the wine and food.

The dance event "Wasshoi! Fuyuno Genki Festival" will be held at the same time, which makes Choujugura a very exciting place.

"Konishi Brewing Company" Web page ( Japanese )

Itami Machinaka Bar




Event time: Sat,  May 21th, 2016

With one ticket (5-in-1 ticket set), you can exchange for a drink and Pinchos (a kind of Spanish snack made by small slices of bread upon which a mixture of ingredients is placed and fastened with a toothpick) at the bar. The event will be held twice in spring and autumn every year.

You can have lots of fun when shopping at various shops and walking along the streets jam-packed with lots of delicious foods. The event "Otorakuna Ichinichi (literally, Music Day)" during which street musicians of different genres give performances will also be held at the same time.

"Itami Machinaka Bar" Web page ( Japanese )

Itami Gocho Food Stall Village




Event time: Sat & Sun,  March 12th & 13th, 2016, 12:00 - 21:00

In this "food event", the Itami restaurant owners will set food stalls in the square in front of the temple, Sangendera. They will provide foods which are not even sold at the food stalls during the temple fairs. Musicians from various places also gather here to bring excitement to the event. The restaurants will be very elaborate about the sake and sometimes they will put out the "privately collected sake". The event is usually held in summer and winter.

"Itami Gocho Food Stall Village" Facebook page

Sakadaru Yoichi Night Market

Holding a glass in hand under the stars, you can have a good time during this event by tasting the cocktail mixed by the Itami local sake and Japanese sake. The event "Singing Insects and Gocho" (held in autumn every year) is also a part of this event. In the event place around Itami Gocho where became prosperous because of brewing industry since the Edo period, people can listen to the singing of more than 3,000 insects, including bell crickets and many more in about 15 varieties.