Konishi Brewing Company:KONISHI Beer (craft beer)/伊丹市ホームページ


It is a representative beer of KONISHI beer which has gained worldwide recognitions.
It is a low-malt beer (alcoholic sparkling beer-like beverage) brewed from wheat by the Belgian style top fermentation. This white beer features the refreshing sour taste and fragrance of orange peel and coriander.

It has won the gold medal
in the "Belgian-style Witbier" category on EBS2013
which led to its winning in 3 consecutive years in this category of this event.


Dark Beer

It is a kind of beer with intense flavor, mellow aroma and delicate sweetness.

Caramel malts (light brown malts) are added at the time of brewing this beer. It is a flavorful beer with mellow aroma and delicate sweetness.


Beer Blonde

This beer has a light golden color and the fragrance of fruits.

It is a beer brewed with the Pilsner malts (pale malts). This beer has the fragrance of fruits and refreshing taste.


Howaka (beer name) 

People who don't like drinking beers will also enjoy drinking this beer which has fresh sweetness.

It is a beer brewed with "Yamada Nishiki", a kind of rice for sake brewery. It has the unique aroma of rice and fresh sweetness.