An introduction to Japanese sake/伊丹市ホームページ

An introduction to Japanese sake

Konishi Brewing Company Product Introduction

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The Premium Shirayuki Daiginjyo Banzaimon (raw sake)


It is a kind of raw junmai-ginjyo sake which is 100% made from Yamada Nishiki (a kind of rice).

By milling the rice Yamada Nishiki, which is famous for its use in sake brewing, the original junmai-daiginjyo sake is brewed with traditional brewing technique. It is a kind of high-quality sake with elegant aroma, smooth taste and mellow flavor.

This is the most premium sake brand brewed in Itami, the birthplace of sake.

The premium Shirayuki originated from the Genroku era of the Edo period (A reproduction of the raw sake)


The sake originated from the Genroku era is reproduced.

The ancient document Sakeei Taioboechou (a book about sake brewing method) which recorded the brewing techniques in Genroku era is kept in Konishi Family. Based on the brewing techniques recorded in it, the amber-colored raw sake is reproduced.

Cho Tokusen Shirayuki Itami Morohaku (Honjozo) 720ml

Cho Tokusen Shirayuki Itami Morohaku (Honjozo)

This sake is brewing using the "morohaku" technique developed in Itami in the Edo period. Polished rice is used for both the malted rice and the rice starter to produce this special product only available for sale in the Itami area.

KONISHI Daiginjyo Hiyashibori


This is a kind of daiginjyo that you can leisurely enjoy with a glass.

As the table wine, this Japanese sake can make you feel the profound charm easily. Every time, the rice for sake brewing is carefully selected and the QR code on the label refers to its place of production.

Konishi Brewing Company:KONISHI Beer (craft beer)

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Itami Oimatsu Brewing Company Description of Products

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Special daiginjyo sake


By using the most suitable rice for sake brewing, it purifies the polished rice to an ultimate degree of 40%.

It is the best sake elaborately made by the sake brewer in person.

With a delicate aroma, it tastes extremely mellow and smooth.

Daiginjyo sake


This sake is handmade with great effort by the sake brewer long time ago.

It needs to process the high quality rice which is most suitable for sake brewing such as Yamada Nishiki into pure polished rice, which requires technique and experience.

It is characterized by its mellow taste and fruity flavor.

Junmai-daiginjyo sake


This sake has a fruity taste.

It is tasty and refreshing with the special sweet of daiginjyo sake.

The fresh taste of the non-filtered raw cloudy sake will give you endless aftertastes. It is a kind of premium sake.

Junmai Ginjo sake "Komeno Shizuku"


By using Japanese rice Yamada Nishiki, which is the most suitable rice for sake brewing, the luxurious Junmai Ginjo sake is brewed.

The special aroma of the sake is supreme, and it smells strongly fragrant and mellow.

The so-called brewing method of ginjo refers to gradually ferment the purified polished rice at low temperature which will increase the proportion of sake lees, and thus the sake can be brewed with special aroma.

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