New PR Videos and Cultural Experiences in Itami City

Itami City has created a series of PR videos and cultural experiences to attract more overseas visitors to Itami City. We hope these new PR efforts will help to share the charms of Itami with the world.

New PR video "Experience Traditional Japanese Culture: Itami"

The 7 minute full version of the video shows two visitors' trip to Itami.
They enjoy seeing the town and its sights, and experiencing the traditional Japanese culture on offer in Itami.
All the cultural experiences introduced in the video can be booked online - see below.

Cultural Experiences Available to Book Online!

At the end of January our new program of authentic cultural experiences went on sale on the online booking site "Attractive JAPAN".
The whole booking process can be carried through the site, which is available in four languages: Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional), and Korean.
The plans include those inspired by Itami's unique heritage of sake brewing and naginata training, such kagami-biraki sake barrel opening ceremonies and naginata workshops, as well as representative Japanese cultural experiences such as tea ceremony and kendo.

Attractive JAPAN (external link)

Please see the PDF"New PR Videos and Cultural Experiences
For Tourists in Itami City" for more details.

New PR Videos and Cultural Experiences For Tourists in Itami City(PDF:2.8MB)

For more information on Itami on SNS:


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